Pierre Boyat 
Leynes, Macon, Beaujolais


Pierre Boyat has an infectious enthusiasm for great agriculture. He loves his vineyard and is an excellent guy.

Pierre’s several small parcels are scattered around the village of Leynes, literally straddling the border between Macon and Beaujolais, just to the south-west of the town of Macon. His vineyards are planted to Chardonnay and Gamay. With younger vines soon to be in production he will eventually hold almost 3 ha.

Previously, Pierre worked on his family estate, farming conventionally, for many years before a meeting with legendary natural producer Philippe Jambon sparked within him an urge to start again, farm organically, and produce wines with zero additives. He sold the family property and has been working on three new parcels since 2007. His vineyards are very healthy. It’s totally exciting to spend time time with vignerons who are obsessed by soil health and biodiversity.  

The wines are very good. 

He produces two white cuvees. A St Veran and the cuvee Les Rennes. In addition, two red cuvees are made. Noir de Rouge from a blend of sites, including the brilliant parcel on a slope shared with Philippe Jambon and Jerome Guichard, and Bois de Leynes, from the vineyard directly beside the house.

By and large, his chardonnay parcels are planted on clay and limestone while the gamay is planted on sandier, more granitic soils. There is very little winemaking in the winery though fruit is sorted with a fanatical level of detail. Whites are pressed and eventually run into bottle after roughly 11 months and the reds are fermented without being destemmed with elevage happening in a mix of large format wood and tank. 

The reds are mineral, medium-bodied and very nourishing and the whites are ripe but with a freshness that comes from low PHs, the result of years of great farming.


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