Vicent Tomas / Tomas Torres
Carricola, Valencia


I must thank Andalucian wine distributor Luisa Chova for the introduction to Vicent Tomas. Through her company Vinos Authenticos, she represents some of the greatest vignerons in Europe and I'll always be grateful for the introduction to this genuine artisan and lovely guy. 

Quite simply, Luisa explained that Vicent was one of her very favourite vignerons and that he had been quietly making delicious wine in this very charming part of Spain for 20 years. 

Visiting this tiny, beautiful domaine for the first time was a joy. From Valencia, you take the main road south for roughly 45 minutes and all of a sudden the hills rise up from the flat country close to the coast and, before you know it, you're up at altitude surrounded by forest and pretty incredible views. 


I'm including below Vicent's own description of his vineyard and his work because it's written in a way I love and perfectly captures the energy of this wonderful guy and his excellent project:

'20 years ago and thinking about self-consumption, we made our first wine. We really liked it ourselves - as did our family and friends - so much so that we decided to continue elaborating and increasing production. Since then everything has been satisfactions. At the beginning we made it in a small winery at home, and 9 years ago we built a bioclimatic cellar with a storage room and underground aging, the construction was integrated into the landscape. From the beginning we opted to elaborate the wines in a natural way (as we do with the garden, the olive oil, the fruit trees and the feeding of the animals of our small farm), this way of elaboration has allowed us to share our wines with people with allergy problems to chemical products, vegetarians, vegans and in general with people who seek to take care of themselves with healthy eating.
Currently we have 2'5Has. of vineyard in small plots, most of them on soil of "albaris" white, fresh earth, very suitable for the cultivation of vinification vineyard.
The majority variety is tempranillo "ull de llebre", in smaller proportion we planted international varieties (cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, etc.) and local varieties such as rosseti, macabeu, tortosí and tardana.

We're so excited about this delicious wines. They're medium bodied, bursting with delicious fruit and represent really, really great value. And, happily, they're made by a complete gentleman who has a deep love for his work. 



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