2014 Le Grain de Sénevé 'Roue Libre / 7'


2014 Le Grain de Sénevé 'Roue Libre / 7'


Make no mistake, this is gamay that goes very close to being as delicious as wine can be.

It's from one of Beaujolais' most hard working and dedicated artisans, the terroir is exceptional and the year (2014) was magnificent.

Former nurse Hervé Ravera ferments his gamays solely as whole bunches, in concrete, and all that goes in to the bottle is organic grapes. It's a medium bodied celebration of deliciousness and good agriculture.

The soils on this tiny, very steep vineyard are sand, granite and silt and they lend the wines their distinct sense of refreshment. The slope is precipitous to the point that tractors have never been on it and the soils are loose, healthy and vibrant.

It's also worth mentioning that Hervé and his wife Adeline are two of the most wonderful people you'll meet and their wines sell out very quickly each year such is the collective thirst for them in places like Copenhagen and New York.

This wine will always be limited. Be quick.

Serve at about 16 degrees and cooler if it's a hot day.

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