Jordi Llorens
Blancafort, Catalonia


Jordi Llorens farms several hectares of particularly dry terroir and makes some of the most astonishingly fine, refreshing and terroir reflective wines in this part of Spain.

Jordi grew up in this area working amongst the vines and the almond trees. His family have been involved in agriculture for 8 generations and it was this that eventually drew him home from the city. His first vintage making wine for himself was 2008.

I have to say, that tasting Jordi's wines for the first time was a genuine lesson for me. We had spent the afternoon visiting his vineyard, that is planted in a natural amphitheatre, discussing at length how seriously forbidding this area can be in terms of temperature and rainfall. I had formed, in my mind, an impression of what the wines from this area would be like and yet to taste Jordi's wines is to taste a very, very direct reflection of the extraordinary soil and less the influence of sun or precipitation. The soil here, I believe, has among the highest limestone content I've ever seen in a vineyard and the structure of the resultant wines is truly something to behold.

For these wines are incredibly fine, with balanced, delicious ripeness and palate staining flavour yet a distinct weightlessness that defies belief. Both whites and reds are aromatic, with bright acidity and wonderful fluidity on the palate. It give you the impression that this really is special terroir, wholly capable of delivering delicious, delicately structured wines despite the obvious climatic conditions, and it's no wonder that grape vines have been plated here for many hundreds of years.

Jordi's style of vinification is one of precision. He ferments, largely, in stainless steel and elevage takes place in stainless, amphora and wood - depending on the cuvee. Jordi employs temperature control for several of the cuvees and the resulting wines are very focussed, expressive and primary. The white wines are very lightly macerated and the reds are fermented gently, in most cases, as whole bunches. The fruit in the resulting wines is very delicious.

Jordi is a true gentleman and we're really excited to be working with him and his incredibly pure and distinctive wines.



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